Me - Day One

Me - Day One
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You look positively gorgeous. You’ll get through this, just keep that sunny smile and your positive outlook. We’re cheering for you!
Beautiful! Stay positive - it will fly by and you’ll be on the road to recovery before you know it.
Beautiful smile!!! Stay positive!!!
Well you made it through, and look like you have energy to spare.
I hope as things come up; you know you can vent, in real time (that means the hard stuff)
you are a warrior!
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WOW!!! Keep on smiling...we're with you!
Beautiful and strong! You can do this!
Looking great 👍 Prayers for an easy time during treatments.
Looking great!!!!
Gorgeous! You’ve got this! ❤️
Looking good. Lovely smile. Hugs xx
You look fantastic! We are all here for you! Kick the beasts a$$!
Love that smile! You got this. Get plenty of rest and take extra care of your self. Stay hydrated!
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October 28, 2019

Roswell, Georgia 30076

March 10, 1966

Cancer Info

Anal Cancer

October 23

Stage 3A



Removal of a small hemorrhoid but turns out I have anal cancer. No other symptoms


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