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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Friends-

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! It has been a minute since my last post.  I was just connected to the chemo bag and radiation began that day.  Monday, December 2nd will mark the beginning of my 3rd week into treatments.  It has certainly been full of ups and downs, lows and even lower, hope and immense gratitude and love.  OK so for the informative side of Chemo 101 - on a scale of 1 - 10 - I say I was a 7.5.  I kept a low profile the week I had the chemo bag on, I slept a lot and ate small meals. I ate alot of soft scramble eggs, toast, bananas, oatmeal and drank bone broth.  Friends brought soups and cornbread. Hubby drove my back & forth to radiation every day. I felt well taken care of and loved. By the time Friday rolled around I was on top of the world. I was so excited to get that bag off of me and to take a shower without peel and stick stuck to my body.  I did it! However my elation was short lived as I had to get that White Blood Cell Shot! Really?? It hurt and made me sleepy with a headache to chase so much for a celebration or even a high five. I spent all day on the couch Saturday with deep aches in my bones like a bad flu.  It was cold and raining that day which did not help.  I finally started to feel better Sunday only to have my mouth start to ache and my tongue felt like it was swelling and by the time Monday rolled around I had full on mouth sores all over my tongue and cheeks.  WTF? I had to see Doc on Monday for blood work to make sure the shot did its job - it did! Grateful but I could barely open my mouth.  Along comes Magic Mouthwash - a blessing of numbness but only for a short while. I existed off of yogurt, applesauce, smoothies, and bone broth.  Lost 5 pounds like that because come Wednesday night the upset stomach kicked in and that's all she wrote all day Thanksgiving into Friday morning. I was so disappointed about Thanksgiving - I sent hubby to my besties home to eat with her family and bring me back some mashed potatoes and squash casserole and my daughters went to their cousins home for Vegetarian Thanksgiving. As I layed in bed watching Jack Ryan on Amazon feeling alone and sorry for myself with a good cry under my belt, I slept.  My hubby returned later with my dinner and warmed it up for me.  It smelled so good and guess what?  I could eat it without cringing! It was so yummy and filling.  I was so happy in that moment just to eat something warm and tasty.  Afterwards, I was full and we watched Christmas Vacation which always makes me laugh!  I have much to be grateful for and the funny thing is that having Cancer has begun to make me see my relationships with my God, family and friends in a whole new way.  All things happen for a reason.  I was forced down on my knees to acceptance and I pray not to be healed but to allow God's miracle to be as he sees fit.  None of us have any control over the outcome of our cancer and the only way to get through it is to turn it over to God and pray for peace and patient. I pray for God's amazing power to heal you, body, mind and spirit, Amen... 

To be continued...

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You are doing great! sorry about the mouth sores (from the chemo) I hope that gets better soon. I found the second chemo, about the same as the first. Amazing what our bodies can take.
I'm glad you are laying low; let your body keep up.
It sounds like friends and family are doing a wonderful job!
Big hugs
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I’m glad to see you still have such a good attitude-the next four weeks will hopefully go by quickly for you. Those mouth sores are awful, but the good thing is they don’t last too long. You are so lucky to have wonderful support from family and friends – try to enjoy that!
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Hi Stacy! I'm glad you have wonderful people around to take care of you! You may try to swish your mouth with organic coconut oil before you go to bed and in the morning before your breakfast. It helped me a lot. If you got a shot of Neulasta or Neupogen to stimulate your bone marrow, ask your doctor if it's OK for you to take Claritin with that to decrease all that bone pain. I was advised to take Claritin the day before that shot and the second dose before that injection. The Claritin cannot be substituted with another antihistamine. They don't know why it works but it works. Have a good weekend! Hugs!
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It sounds exactly how my chemo kicked in after the fact,got the mouth sores like you,couldn't eat and lost weight. Yes I became stronger in my faith and asked god to just takeover as I was too weak. I had burns from the radiation by the 6th or 7th week so bad,but determined to get through this. I did I pushed with all my will to do it with God all things will be done! I'm 6 months cancer free,but still have sied effects from the radiation,but I look at it as a bump in the road of healing. You can do this Stacy and were all here for you!! Sending prayers
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Glad your working thru all the ups and downs of treatment. I didn’t get the shot after chemo. I was in the hospital in a germ free pressurized room for a week. I would have rather have the shot. I love the movie Christmas Vacation. So funny. We watch Jack Ryan also. The show that has Julia Roberts in it was good too. I thought the mouth sore were the worst. The second time I had chemo they gave me ice to chew on while they injected the Mito and it made a huge difference!!! I still had them but they weren’t as severe. Hang in there your doing good. I completely agree with the looking at your relationships in a different way. When I went thru radiation each time I would think of a different person and why they meant so much to me in my life. 30 treatments=30 people. It was distracting and helpful.
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Thank you for this. I had horrible mouth sores also. Only the first round of chemo, not the second. Sending hugs, love, and prayers
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Glad you had shots to build your WBC. My oncologist never mentioned them, although later after really reading my lab work when I changed doctors I really needed them. This is what sent me to the hospital for a month along with a bowel obstruction. My body was shutting down. You are almost there. Keep on taking care of yourself. Life does take a different view after cancer.
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Sounds to me like you are riding the waves just fine, or maybe rollercoaster! At any rate, hang in there because you will soon have this all behind you and it will just seem like a bad dream.
ur half way there....glad you have lots of family to will get better
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Chemo & Radiation - Day 1

Hi Everybody- I hope this message finds your spirits high and surrounded by love.  Today was the first day of my Radiation and Chemo.  Needless to say, I was scared and a little freaked out that this is actually happening and I am going to subject myself to this sadistic ritual.  I arrived for my Radiation and I am in the machine in 10 minutes - its humming and parts are moving around and I am staring at the ceiling of blue skies, with Wisteria vines all around while I am knuckle clutching that little blue rubber ring like its a life preserver.  I don't feel a thing but I can see my reflection in the ceiling surrounded by purple flowers while the humming gently scorches my insides. How did I get here in just 3 short weeks?  Closing my eyes and trying to control my breathing within a few minutes later - it's over and the girls come in and help me back to the dressing room.  I am staring at myself in the long mirror half dressed, half dazed and confused.  I then I remember to start lathering cream all over me.  Stay ahead of the burns/pain/sickness/cancer! This fucking sucks!  I gather myself and go to the waiting room where my doting husband, Matt is working and waiting for me.  We sit for a while and I watch him type, nothing to say really.  It didn't hurt.  We have time before Chemo so we head to the hospital cafeteria - food is good, nice selection, I have a small salad and potato soup.  We chat and people watch.  I never spent much time in hospitals besides having my babies.  I realize I will be seeing a lot of this place in the near future.  Everyday at 2:30.

1:00 the witching hour and we arrive at the Oncologists office and Chemo Treatment room.  First they weigh me and I am already down a few pounds. Then the nurse puts the giant thumb tack in me and I wasn't meant to see it but the Doctor opened the door to say Hi and we all jumped.  She took lots of blood and now I have a tube hanging from my port... Sexy... She escorts us to the Chemo Room - I know  the look of shock and horror comes over me as I see every chair is taken and people from all walks of life are getting their treatments.  I want to cry and hug them.  My heart starts pounding and I think I am going to faint.  I feel like I don't belong here.  I am freaking out. A nurse sees my crazy eyes and immediately takes me to a quiet room for my chemo. I settle down and a jolly nurse named, Joe comes and takes my hand. He is trying to calm me so we can get started.  Once I regain my composure, we begin with injections and saline.  A nutritionist comes to talk to me about food and I am looking at her but don't hear a thing as I watch out of the corner of my eye the Blue Mito slowly beginning injected through the tube and I drift like I can feel it running  through my veins.  I taste metallic and I am ready to be done.  Joe comes back with the 5FU pack and starts to demonstrate how to not screw it up and watch for kinks.  We leave shortly after and Matt is holding my hand.  He said you did it! I am thinking - that wasn't so bad. Day 1 is in the books! Amen

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Oh Stacy!! I can so relate to this!! That feeling of how in the hell did I end up


is still fresh in my mind and it's been

over 5 years! I can remember smiling and saying I was fine when the nurses ,etc would

ask and inside I was just screaming noooooo!! I'll never forget that

feeling...but that being said it is in the past and life is good.You will be amazed at how fast the treatment's brutal, but short. There will be bumps in the road but sounds like you have people to love you through it. Be good to yourself..and we are here when you need to vent and scream. ♥️
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Good for you Stacy!!! First day down. I remember it so well, and your commentary is SO descriptive—and even entertaining—that I hope you keep that up every day! It will be therapeutic, and you will find so much helpful information from all of us who have gone through what you are experiencing right now. Just keep the positive thoughts coming, and we will continue the positive energy right back in your direction. Love to you!
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Your post brought it all back. I am 5 years post treatment and happy to say that I am cancer free! I will be thinking of you and praying for you. Keep your sense of humor.
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First day is over, Stacy. Try to hydrate yourself more, keep your weight stable, get enough rest. Sending your way positive vibes and big hugs!
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Stacy, Your post took me back almost 10 years. (My last treatment was February 16, 2010). I am in the metro Atlanta area too. Lilburn. You sound like you are in good hands. Everything you need to know is here from the brave people who have been there. Stay positive.

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Yikes it was like reliving it again.
You did good, and I'm glad you get something out of writing it down. It will also help others.
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WOW...onward! Those first days glide you in...just take it one day at a time.

And for you and that husband...get advice NOW about avoiding vaginal stenosis as a result of the pelvic radiation...UW clinics recommend starting with dilators at the beginning of the treatment, not to wait! More on my website, radiation oncologist was not able to talk about sex life and so I only learned what could happen when I headed out to a gyn appointment after treatment and the doc had to use a child-size implement...

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Sounds so similar to my Day 1. You are on your way to kicking cancer's butt and I know you can do it!
Good for you! Knowing that you have started, will now evolve into a routine. Bless your hubbie for taking care of you, mine never let me go alone, even though I cold have. Support is SO important! BTW, did they tell you you could not take a shower until Friday? They told me, but the real deal is you cannot get the port site wet. So I got in the tub with my husband's help, he guided the fanny pack to keep it dry and away from the tub. Just have to be really careful with the top half, but the bottom half gets a good soak, which is important. He washed my back for me too. Then we reversed the procedure to get out. Those baths are very important!
I remember every single emotion you have described. Hang tough, you've got this, and we've got your back! (side) lol (told you we are a sick bunch!)
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I’m so glad you made it thru the day. Way to go. Before you know it will be over. I also felt so bad for everyone I saw getting chemo. It was heart breaking. My nurse wanted to explain everything she was doing. I looked at her with crazy eyes and said I don’t want to know when it is going in my body so stop telling me stuff. They gave me a big dose of Xanax! And everything was fine after that. Lol!
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so much truth for all who have been there.
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Ditto what everyone else said! And yes the first day is a little surreal. Keep in touch with the nutritionist as she will be helpful through all this. Super important to drink tons of water everyday this week with the chemo pack to stave off nausea and dizziness. Seriously drink way more water than you ever have - room temperature is best and shoot for 10 glasses a day. We are all here for you as well.
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I can relate to the emotions. My cancer was in my Tonsil, Metastatic, but the tx was same length; 27 radiation tx's and 6 chemo for a total of 6 weeks. Six weeks out of your life so you can get well and enjoy your life once again. Blessings.
I can so relate to this Stacy. You'll get through this and were here for you all the way! A year ago I was waiting for my treatment,dignosed 11/5 treatment started with Chemo and Radiation the same day,12/17,my 72nd birthday. Keep the determination up to get through this,you'll do it!! Sending prayers for you
It's been 4 1/2 years (Stage 3A) - and cancer free but just reading your recollection of your first day of treatment brought me right back. I felt the same feelings - shock but keep going- going through the motions.
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