Clean As A Whistle!

Hi Friends! 

Finally some great news to share! I had my colonoscopy this morning and Doc said I was clean as a whistle! He was so pleased and while I was in my sleep zone I could hear him talking with my husband.  Everybody was so relieved and he told my husband that he sends every sample he takes off to be tested and I am the first one that came back positive for cancer.  He said he was stunned but so glad we caught it early. Also, my pap came back clean and I dont have HPV... Now I am laying in bed after eating a large breakfast of eggs and grits with a biscuit and my beloved coffee.  I am going to take a nap now as it is freezing here in Atlanta! Brrr... Monday is the big day for all treatments to begin and even though I am scared I am hopeful that after the next 6 weeks things will be brighter and free of cancer.

I also want to thank everybody who have reached out and supporting me.  You dont know me but the outreach of love and support means more than you will ever know.

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Great news!
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Fabulous news 🙌🏼
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Wonderful news Stacy. Keep that positive outlook going through your treatment and you’ll do fine. Keep us posted how it’s going, and don’t forget everyone here has been where you are and have a wealth of knowledge about things that can help you through.
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So far so good. Keep being as positive as you can.Just remember you have a huge support network here and can come here any time day & night. Hugs
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Great news!
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Excellent news! I hope your treatment goes by quickly and you tolerate it well. Good luck!

(It's even freezing here in the desert!)
Good news! And I'm with you on the beloved coffee👍🏻.
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Hi Stacy, this is great news I am so glad for you.
Now the treatment will start next week and you can start to fight the tumour. I absolutely know how you feel about the support of this wonderful group, I remember feeling so much warmth and love when I found them, I felt so alone before. We really are here for you. Take care!
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I'm glad you are resting, and I'll watch for the full update before you start treatment.
Rest well!
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You've got a lot of good news and every reason to believe you will be cured and cancer free in a short time. I haven't dealt with this kind of cancer but I have become friends with so many survivors here. Your path can get tough but it is short and do-able. We will all be right here with you, not only cheering you on but loving you too. Stay strong and lean on us. ❤️
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I’m so glad to hear the positive outlook!! Your going to do great. Life in the future will be cancer free!!! 💙💙
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Hang in there. Sounds like we are on the same schedule.
Wonderful news!
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